Marketing managers: 3 tips to boost online selling


The Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities for grow up the selling of our e-commerce: the selling could be done with company’s e-commerce or thru marketplace (for instance Amazon or eBay). Marketplace could be a great opportunity to have another way to sell our products or goods.

As online store manager, I’ve in charge the development of marketing strategies for the selling of electronic and technology items.

On article “Amazon Dominated 36% of Online Black Friday Sales, Says Slice“, Katie Roof (@Katie_Roof) reported that Slide Intelligence tells that Amazon dominated online Black Friday sales, with 35.7% of sells. The second place was of Best Buy, that have the 8.23% of total online revenues. eBay declared that over weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, they have a 12% increase in mobile spending.


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On appeared an article of Phil Wahba (@philwahba), titled “Amazon Dominated Cyber Monday With 36% of All Online Sales“. On that article, Phil reported a little bit different percentage of sales during Cyber Monday (36.1%), so Amazon again dominated against competitor. Best Buy was on second place, with 5.5% of all e-commerce spending that day, followed by Walmart at 3.8%, Some companies as Walmart, Macy’s, Nordstrom or Target begin to bridge the gap with Amazon, with big investments in their e-commerce platforms and infrastructure.

These informations could be summarize in 3 tips for e-commerce marketers:

  • Sell (also) on marketplace – sell on you own e-commerce and also on other marketplaces (for instance Amazon or eBay)
  • Join BlackFriday / CyberMonday – Push marketing strategies on Thanksgiving weekend, because a lot of people wait these days to shop online
  • Develop mobile apps – develop mobile e-commerce applications because more people use smartphone or tablet to shop online instead PC.

We should observe e-commerce data in order to understand where and when to push marketing strategies on our high value market.